"The plea for Christians to surrender to neutrality in their thinking is not an uncommon one. Nevertheless, it strikes at the very heart of our faith and of our faithfulness to the Lord... If the Christian is to have any success in defending the faith they must be prepared to call into question the competence of the unbeliever's thinking. Even if a believer does not have the impressive credentials of educated scholarship possessed by an unbeliever, he is able to do this."   Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen


The Immorality of Neutrality

We believe the existence of the Biblical God is today a stark objective reality, rationally and factually provable beyond any reasonable doubt. The only escape for an atheist/agnostic/skeptic today is to suppress/reject this obvious truth.  

Faith is Forced Consent not a spiritual apprehension without proof
Apologetics is a Biblical Command not a suggestion
Our Position is one of Gratitude for the Son of God

"We may have begun our journey fairly convinced Jesus was a "good man," but as we considered the evidence we were forced in a different direction. We certainly did not set out predisposed to believe. So, we find ourselves agreeing with this statement: "Faith is forced consent. That is to say, when the evidence is judged by the mind to be sufficient, the state of mind we call 'faith' is the inevitable effect whenever the reasons are judged sufficient, faith or belief is induced."    John Murray Collected Writings II

Not just Information is needed, but Regeneration

"Men often speak as though the only thing that the sinner needs is true information. This is not the case. Man indeed, needs true interpretation, but, he also needs to be made a new creature. Sin is not only misinformation, it is also a power of perversion of the soul. The Christian knows that he would interpret nature wrongly due to the sin that is within him, unless he be enlightened by Scripture and guided by the Holy Spirit.... All men do their thinking on the basis of a position accepted by faith, and your faith is either in God or in yourself and your own reasoning."                 Dr. Corneiius Van Til

The Scope and Limit of our Argument

The 12 Biggest Lies

  • Our most frequent battle isn't with good and evil, t's between truth and lies. Without the ability to differentiate what is true, you cannot win.
  • Every person on the planet walks around with opinions based on what they think they know, and those opinions direct how we act and react to "truth."
  • But very few ever question the accuracy of their fondational opinions.
  • From the very nature of truth itself, whether it exists, how our world began, is there a God, what is morality and who is moral, from atheism to God...our entire worldview runs on what we believe is true. 

Follow some of the world's leading scientists, historians, theologians, philosophers and authors as they tackle The World's 12 Biggest Lies.


Do you know what "presuppositionalism" is, and why it is the best method for defending the faith?  Dr. Jason Lisle

"Christianity is the only major religion to have as its central event the humiliation of its God. Why would those gospel accounts have their God endure such a thing, unless of course , it really happened and the shame and humiliation was taken by the Son of God who gave himself freely for the redemption of humanity in love.   Bruce L Shelley

The Apostle Peter instructs believers that they should be “always ready to give a defense [apologia] to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you”  1 Peter 3:15   It's us, not just the Boy Scouts who need to be prepared. 

Existence of the Biblical God is an Objective Historical Reality

  • First, we are defending Biblical theism, not every Christian that has ever lived, nor their actions or theology.        We do not believe there exists an unambiguous notion of theism. Nor, are we defending religion in general.

  • Secondly, our concern is the truth of atheism or theism. Not psychological motivations, subjective desires, social functions, or the personal character of the theist of atheist. The truth about God's existence either way may be plesant or unplesant, useful or counterproductive, corrupting or ennobling to some, but regardless, whatever the truth is, it remains the truth.

  • Thirdly, our argument need not be accepted by everyone to be valid/conclusive. We must distinguish between proof and persuasion. Personal persuasion is subjectively qualified, proof is not. Objective proof is objective.

Our Position  


This is my Father's world....