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If you would like to be able to defend your faith in Jesus Christ and have more confidence to talk about the things of God more openly and naturally with others, then you're in the right place.

It begins not merely with some of the latest scientific facts and discoveries, but rather being confident that all the treasures of wisdom, knowledge and truth itself are hid in Christ. Once you are, sharing your faith becomes easier and more natural, and much more comfortable.  Col 2:3 

Macroevolution (changes in kind) has proven false. "According to their kind" (10 times) in Genesis

has been confirmed. Where do you place ultimate authority—God or man? Choose God!  Col 2:8

When you see unbelievers as God sees them, how lost and helpless they are, how foolish and empty their silly little arguments really are, your hesitation to share Christ with others will be gone.

A settled confidence that Jesus really is who He claimed to be, God Incarnate; that your Bible really is God's Word as it claims to be; that the Holy Spirit really is the Partner, Helper and Faithful Guide that Jesus claimed He would be are the starting blocks. With a good start, running your race is easier.

In covenantal apologetics there is no clear boundary between apologetics and evangelism. As Scott reiterates throughout his work, apologetics ought to be understood first and foremost as persuasion; persuading men and women of the truth of the Gospel. Covenantal apologetics seeks to take the truth of Scripture as the proper diagnosis of the unbelieving condition and challenges them to make sense of the world they have made, given that it is based on a fundamentally irrational construct. Given any fact or experience it asks the question as to the validity of the presuppositions behind that fact or experience which make it possible.
imple Apologetics 
 A basic fact: There are 4.5 billion people who are wrong and need Christ, and God is making his appeal through you. 

  • There are 1,500,000,000 Muslims who are wrong and need Christ.
  • There are 1,100,000,000 atheists/agnostics who are wrong and need Christ
  • There are 900,000,000 Hindus who are wrong and need Christ.
  • There are 394,000,000 Chinese Traditional who are wrong and need Christ.
  • There are 376,000,000 Buddhists who are wrong and need Christ.
  • There are 300,000,000 Primal-Indigenous who are wrong and need Christ.
  • There are 100,000,000 African Traditional & Diasporic who are wrong and need Christ.
  • There are 100,000,000 more of various beliefs who are also dead wrong and desperately need Christ.

"One of the greatest proofs of the Christian worldview is without it, you cannot prove anything." 
Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen
The struggle between Christian theism and its opponents cov­ers the whole field of knowledge.

Christian theism's fundamental contention is just this, that nothing whatsoever can be known unless God can be and is known. The impor­tant thing to note is this fundamental difference between the­ism and antitheism on the question of epistemology. There is not a spot in heaven or on earth about which there is no dis­pute between the two opposing parties. (Survey of Christian Epistemology, p.116)

The atheist must assume that there is a difference in the truth value of various thoughts and ideas in order to debate with a Christian; he must say that we are far more than different, well-shaken bottles of pop. But in order to say this, he must assume the falsity of the worldview he claims to uphold. In short, he must assume that God exists in order to deny Him. And this is the transcendental claim in a nutshell: the existence of God must be assumed in order to debate it. Moreover, it must be assumed by all parties in the debate. Thus, once the debate has begun, it is over.   

Apologetics is the vindication of the Christian philosophy of life against the various forms of the non-Christian philosophy of life. I hold that belief in God is not merely as reasonable as other beliefs, or even a little or infinitely more probably true than other beliefs; I hold rather that unless you believe in God you can logically believe in nothing else. Dr. Cornelius Van Til


A Living Apologetic

A Defense of the Faith
That Glorifies God

Pastor Randy Booth

Presuppositional apologetics carries with it ethical implications.  In fact, it demands that our attitude and conduct conform to our profession of submission to every word of God.  It is only when words of truth are connected with the capital of godliness that the words of the apologist become effective and powerful to accomplish their purpose. 

Just as God's words and actions consistently bear witness to the truth, so too the believer's words and actions must consistently point to the truth and leave the unbeliever "without excuse."

When our attitudes and conduct reflect our presuppositions in a consistent way, then we will find ourselves to be more effective apologists.  This is accomplished in several ways.  First, it establishes credibility for our words when we are ethically consistent with our worldview.  Second, it makes the antithesis between the believer and unbeliever more distinct and brings the Christian worldview into collision with the unbelieving worldview. Read more...

Revelation, Speculation, Science
Dr. Greg Bahnsen

It is one of those embarrassing historical ironies that modern science could not have arisen except in the atmosphere of a Christian world-and-life view. Nevertheless, the scientific community today persists in playing the prodigal by assuming an antagonistic stance against the Christianity of divine revelation. Hypnotized by Darwin's evolutionary scheme and enchanted with the products of scientific technology, modern man has granted science a secularized godship and bows before it in fetish idolatry.  Read more....

At War With The Word
The Necessity Of Biblical Antithesis

Dr. Greg Bahnsen                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
The antithesis between followers of God and followers of Satan is sovereignly inflicted as God's judicial curse. This enmity is not only social but also intellectual in nature, and, therefore, to ignore it in our apologetic is to compromise the gospel. Without the ingredient of antithesis, Christianity is not simply anemic. It has altogether forfeited its challenge to all other worldviews. Anyone who is familiar with the corpus of Van Til's publications and writings will recognize that the subject of antithesis is one fitting hallmark of his scholarly contribution to twentieth century apologetical theory.   Read more....